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About Me

I have been in marketing on-line and SEO for 12 years now. This tends to be the first thing i say in all my profiles as experience is probably my best asset. Experience equates to successes but also a lot of mistakes that i can hopefully stop people from learning the hard way. I work mainly in the financial niche with my main business Finance Leads LTD. We run sites in the insurance and investment niche which generate leads and commissions from consumers, who we drive to the sites using SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. I have been prominent in this financial/SEO field now for a long time and i set up this blog to share my experiences and to build my public profile which is becoming more important in the Google of today.

I sold my first business in 2005 which was a network of financial sites. They ranked top in Google.co.uk and COM for nearly all major terms such as “mortgages”, “loans” and many more top keywords. Back then it was very easy to rank sites and i was able to set up some terrible looking sites that could outrank even the likes of The Bank of America and major brands, all i did was have a lot of sites and link them to each other, Simples :) Since then a lot has changed and now more than ever SEO is a moving feast with techniques changing by the day and f Social Media and Mobile search becoming more prominent.

I have worked as a consultant for some leading companies such as Prudential and Asda but have always worked on my own sites 90% of the time as i like to be a master of my own destiny. I hope you enjoy what i write on this blog and comment or link to it where you feel it is worth it. I do not profess to be an amazing writer so please bear with me if the grammar is below par but i hope the essence of that i say in my posts can be a help to you. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions and i will be sure to take them on board.