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Mobile Web Design

Every site on the Internet should be viewable on a mobile phone as easily as it is viewed on a desktop PC. With mobile searches rising rapidly and smartphones being a leading way for people to buy online, we have decided to offer a mobile website design service.

Guide To Mobile Websites and Mobile Website Design

The average website has 10% mobile website visitors. That number is only increasing as the proliferation of mobile devices increases everyday. Mobile broadband is also growing at a breakneck pace, with mobile growth in India on track to eclipse regular broadband.

With mobile internet you can get information at your fingertips. Mobile websites enable you to know exactly where you are, or track down your favourite takeout place at 3 am. Designing for mobile users requires that you understand what they need. Mobile users want to get their information fast, that is why you need to cut out all the extra unnecessary information.

Getting your website to be mobile friendly doesn't have to be difficult. Your website may already be displayed on mobile phones, but unfortunately most sites are next-to-impossible to use. This is because their website is not being displayed correctly and is not readable for most mobile visitors. You can make your website mobile friendly in several different ways:

  • Responsive design
  • Speciality mobile website

Responsive design is a way of designing websites that changes as the size of your screen changes. You can see it in action by adjusting the size of your browser at www.worldwildlife.org to see responsive design in action. Responsive design means that you can create one website that works for everybody. On the other hand Responsive Design costs more and requires more work than normal website design. We have partnered with mobilewebsitedeisgn.co.uk to offer the most affordable services and responsive designs to ensure we can offer the higest standard of service.

Your website may also load slower and you may lack complete control over how your website looks. Another option is to get a dedicated mobile website.

Mobile websites tend to have less features and focus on providing basic, essential information to your website visitors. If this is the option for you, then there are a few keys you can follow to make your mobile website very friendly for phone users.

A separate mobile website offers several advantages including the ability to design your site exclusively for mobile browsers, faster loading speeds, and you can easily add special features such as "Click to Call" buttons.

How To Design Your Mobile Website

Simplify the options you make available on your website and scale it down so that it's faster to load. You want to make simplicity and ease of navigation as the mantra for your business. You can to focus on providing your visitors with the most crucial elements of your website.

Many people make the mistake of not providing enough white space on their mobile website, and trying to pack things in too tightly. Remember that your mobile user is on a small screen where readability is more important than ever.

Cut out as many images as you can, you want to eliminate all unnecessary images from your website and add alt tags for all your images. You want to use a sub-domain for your mobile website instead of a .mobi extension because its easier for navigation.

Prioritize and organize the content you will present to your website visitor. When you are looking at your mobile website you want to check your design for a variety of screen sizes. Test your site out on different devices and see how it looks on each device. In general you can try to design your mobile website for a 240 x 320 screen as this is the best balance we've found through statistical analysis of mobile phone screen sizes.

You also need to keep tabs on mobile phone development because the field in constantly changing. You should decide on what is crucial and important for your mobile users and then focus on giving it to them in the easiest way possible.

Create a clean and simple layout as your base before you try to add on extra features. Remember that when it comes to mobile sites, its content first, and presentation second. You should also take care to label your form fields because it can be hard for your mobile users to view what each form is for.

Make liberal use of headings for your content and website to help make it easier for your visitors to navigate through your website. You want to simplify and scale down your website navigation to make it easier for your visitors. Remember that your visitors want to get information, quickly and easily.

Important Features To Consider For Your Mobile Website

You should remember to include several key and important features for your mobile website so that your website will be doing the best job possible.

Click to Call - Your mobile visitors are 88% more likely to contact you if you have a "Click-to-Call" button, which enables them to call your business with one touch on their smart phone.

Hours of Operation - You should provide a clear description of your hours of operation, for all your locations.

Driving Directions - Show your prospects how to drive to your business with GPS mapping.

Photos - Show your visitors why they should visit your place of business or work with you.

Content - Provide valuable content and useful information to your visitors for greater levels of trust and authority.

Coupons - Offer your mobile browsers coupons that they can bring to your business on their phone. Its an easy way to bring in new customers.

Multiple Location Support - It's important that your website service all relevant locations if you have more than one place of business.

QR Code - You want to get a QR code made up that takes smartphone users to your website by scanning the QR code.

Social Media - Make sure that your mobile site has all the social plugins like Facebook and Twitter to grow your businesses brand.

Testimonials - Include testimonials of satisfied past customers on your website. Raises your sales and increases your credibility.

Brand - Make sure that your website design matches the look and feel you have created for your brand.

Mobile websites are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people start using phones, and mobile broadband becomes more available worldwide. This means that getting a mobile friendly website is more important than ever for business owners. Ensure that you add all the necessary elements to your mobile website so that you get the best return on your investment possible.

Get a mobile website designer to make your business mobile friendly, or continue losing 10% of your customers to competitors who are mobile friendly.

Mobile websites are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people start using phones, and mobile broadband becomes more available worldwide. This means that getting a mobile friendly website is more important than ever for business owners.

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