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SEO & Branding

Building a brand and a standalone business on the web form multiple channels such as social media, PR, local marketing and other diverse sources the new SEO. SEO as most people know it is no longer around and is not sustainable.

Here Are some Tips to Creating an On-line Brand on a Budget

In this competitive world, it is imperative to keep your brand name consistent. However, with too much competition prevailing in the market and new businesses entering in the market everyday, it can become a tedious and expensive task for most of the companies. Needless to say, giant corporate houses can afford expensive advertising campaigns, but small businesses need something economical and cost-effective. To mark your presence on-line, it is important to improve your search engine rankings and ensure that you are on the top of search engine results pages.

Today, there are a number of platforms that you can use to promote your business and products without paying a fortune. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are few social networking websites that have helped a lot of small businesses to promote and expand their without much hassle. In this article, we have shortlisted a number of highly fertile and effective strategies that you can imply to promote your business and create an on-line brand on a budget. Let's discuss them briefly one by one.

Use the Advantage of Being Low Profile

No matter how small your company may be, everything that you do will always affect everyone in the industry, be it a small firm or a very big one. Your status of an underdog against big dogs can actually work in your favor. In this highly volatile economy, you can work independently on your own terms. We actually live in an era of underdogs, where you are free to express yourself much more than you ever could. You will not have the corporate restraints that big brands do and as such can opt for much more aggressive marketing campaigns.

Foreign Branding is Key

Believe it or not, overseas branding can bring in the best opportunities for any business. Modern technology and foreign relationships not only help you attract potential customers, but also give you a good platform to market your products in those areas where there is less competition. As a result, you can create an on-line brand in far less time, which can be easily carried forward to other countries and continents.

Be Interactive and Active On-line

The key to create a bond with your existing and potential customers is creating an emotional connection with them. It is important to make sure you acknowledge and respond to the queries, feedbacks and opinions of your customers. It is very important to entertain their concern if you really want to build and promote a brand. Failure to do so can affect your online reputation, This can have disastrous effects on your business. Make it a goal to have the very best customer service you can, you will be surprised how much this pays off.

Know the Taste and Preference of Your Target Audience

When you see a website as a customer, what would be the first thing you would notice about the page you are looking at? Well, let’s make it easier for you. The font style, color scheme, pictures, theme and everything that your eye can see the very second you open a website on your browser. All these things are not just selected randomly. Every aspect of a website is developed keeping in mind the psychology of the target audience. All these things should be able to create an instant connect with those visiting your website for the first time. Keep it consistent across your site and set your style and branding to be different and fill a specific niche,

Keep the Tone Of Communication Consistent

The brand ambassador of your product should be able to pull off the the best aspects of your business in front of your customers. You should sound focused and promising to the potential market to be able to create a brand value for yourself. Think about your target audience’s preferences and make your strategies accordingly for different product categories.

Build Content For Brand Awareness

In today’s online world, content is the key to success. The more relevant and unique content you put on your website, the more chance that people will link to it, cite it and appreciate it. Another crucial step is to spread the content on various social networking sites for powerful results. This is one of the most inexpensive methods of on-line marketing. The major advantage of posting content on your website is that it gives results irrespective of your market position. You can beat your big competitors if you can create better content than them and get it in front on people and influencers that matter in your niche.

Proper Formatting Is Very Important

It is very important to keep in mind certain rules and tips of SEO writing. If you want to make your website search engine optimized, then it is very important to post clear and concise text. It is advised not to overwrite content as visitors often lose interest while reading long articles. Change the font size and style of the important points.

Do the Right Things In An Organized Way

Creating a strong brand is not an easy task, but it’s not even as difficult as people think. There are certain rules of thumb which can do wonders for your business when they are used in an organized way. These rules include-

  • Providing great services
  • Professional conduct
  • Offering value added services
  • Attractive logo and banner designs.
  • Innovative website

Lastly, Don’t Go Over Your Budget

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on advertising and promotion, There are various vehicles such as blogs, journals, surveys etc, that can help you increase your brand value. You can hire students from colleges and ask them to take part in your business ventures in exchange for giving them the opportunity to build their portfolio. Also, there are several free software’s that you can use to create free eBooks about your company and publish it on various social media platforms.

In conclusion, when we talk about branding or on-line marketing, we often overlook the fact that even today there are various traditional methods as well as modern techniques that can be used to create a brand and maintain it forever. The key is to be patient and keep trying to be innovative in your market place and eventually you will break through.

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